We accept orders from overseas.

 The delivery time for the standard Ocarina will be approximately 2 to 3
 after the order is placed.

 We will send it by EMS. You can only pay by credit card with paypal. 
 We will inform you by e-mail including the shipping fee when we can send it.
 Please make a reservation using this order form.
 All are made from Mashiko's clay.
ran basic
ran basic SC,SG,SF,AC
ran basic  


1C~3F(SC SG SF) 16,000yen  
4C(AC) natural(low breath),midium(midium breath) 17,000yen
4C(AC) forte(strong breath) pro model toosed by Ran Nakahara 21,000yen
5G(AG) 26,000yen 6F(AF) 31,000yen 7C(BC) 38,000yen

※10% tax included

ran dolce
(The surface is dimpled)
This photo is 4C
ran legato
(The suraface is finished with sandpaper.)
This photo is 4C
ran dolce   and ran legato


1C~3F(SC SG SF) 19,000yen  
4C(AC) natural(low breath),midium(midium breath) 20,000yen
4C(AC) forte(strong breath) pro model toosed by Ran Nakahara 24,000yen
5G(AG) 32,000yen 6F(AF) 37,000yen (7C(BC) Not applicable)

※10% tax included

Option Genuine lacquer

Both "Ran basic" and "Ran dolce" can be made with "Genuine lacquer"
The optional charges are as follows.

Genuine lacquer
1C~3F +3,300yen/ 4C +5,500yen/ 5G +8,800yen/6F +11,000yen/7C +14,300yen

Genuine colored lacquer
1C~3F +5,500yen/ 4C +7,700yen/ 5G +12,100yen/6F +14,300yen/7C +17,600yen

※10% tax included
Genuine lacquer
Colored lacquer
Colored lacqer Pink